Big Dog Farm

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Welcome to Big Dog Farm!

Big Dog Farm offers organically raised vegetables, free range poultry eggs, and humanely raised meat chickens, ducks and turkeys.  Our fresh vegetable stand offers in-season produce all summer long!  We are ,conveniently located between Cadillac and Tustin and  are easily accessed from both US 131 and M-115.  We provide locally grown produce with a focus on heirloom vegetables and vegetable varieties which naturally grow well in our Northern Michigan climate.  Our chickens and turkeys are humanely raised with access to plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and green pasture.  Our eggs come primarily from heritage breed chickens and ducks which are naturally hardier, healthier, and more likely to forage in the fields for a large part of their diet.  Raising heirloom vegetables and heritage breed poultry eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and antibiotics.  Our Runner Ducks provide natural insect control in the garden and we attract beneficial insects with strategically planted flowers and wildflowers. We strive to be a sustainable farm where every component of the farm contributes to the viability of everything else.